5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

//5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight

5 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight


There are millions of dollars spent on weight-loss each year, and yet so many remain overweight. There are 5 reasons why you may not be losing the weight.


Losing weight takes time. If you are just trying to move the number on the scale your motivation will wane. So, focus on the journey instead of the number. Pay more attention to your energy levels than your pounds. There are celebrations that can be done along the way.

  • At the beginning of your journey try on a pair of jeans that are a little snug and keep trying them on every other week.
  • Take your measurements. You will often see a difference in these numbers first.
  • When you see your measurements change treat yourself to a massage, a new pair of workout pants, mani or pedi.
  • Aim for a workout number. Make a goal to do 4 workouts a week for two weeks for a total of 8 workouts.

Support System

Surround yourself with family, friends or co-workers that understand your plan and are willing to help. Everyone needs a little nudge in the right direction every now and then.

  • Find a gym that will help hold you accountable.
  • Get a workout buddy.
  • Mark your days on a physical calendar.
  • Locate an online support group that you can use to check-in with


Your workouts have to be consistent. How many times have you worked out for a couple of weeks and didn’t see the results you wanted then quit only to have to start over again?  While the workouts don’t have to be hours long, they do have to happen consistently. So do activities and workouts that you love. Create a workout schedule.

  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday cardio (Zumba, HIIT Camp, Step)
  • Tuesday strength and resistance training upper body
  • Thursday strength and resistance training lower body

Eating Habits

Everyone wants to throw around the word DIET like it’s the latest trending word. However, most of us should know that in the long-term diets don’t work.  So, instead of saying, “diet” say “I’m changing my eating habits”.

  • Replace unhealthy snacks with healthier alternatives (nuts instead of chips).
  • Plan and prep your meals for a couple of days.
  • Put your food on a large saucer.
  • Drink water before and after a meal.
  • Don’t eat while driving or watching TV.


There are so many stressors, mishaps, and temptations that we can’t control. So be sure to take care of everything that you can control.  Set your environment up for success.

  • Clean the house of junk. If you have children, place a small amount in one location for them to access without needing you to get it for them.
  • Set up a small corner in your home with exercise equipment.
  • If you like to go to a gym pack a few changes of workout clothes and keep them in the car.
  • Place affirmations around the house so you can easily see them on a daily basis.
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